Şerifali Mah. Kutup Sok. No.28 Yukarı Dudullu Ümraniye-İstanbul/TÜRKİYE

Balcıoğlu Transport

About Us

Our company has been serving with the c2 authorization document stipulated by MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE, REPUBLIC OF TURKEY as land transportation since its establishment. In addition, the basic principles of our accuracy and honesty.
Our company receives cargo from every point in Turkey and provides timely delivery of international cargoes as partial (groupage) and complete transportation abroad with its own goods vehicles. Aiming to grow even more every year, our company is the logistics supplier of the most popular companies of our country and is constantly expanding its customer range.


The transportation sector requires an organized service capability. For this reason, our efforts to meet the expectations of the sector, from our strong vehicle fleets to fast and safe transportation, are organized smoothly for our qualified employees. With our strategically established offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, we guarantee to meet your transportation needs and to ensure that the transportation procedures and follow-up are performed with the Hopa branch in order to speed up the Sarp Customs document follow-up. Balcıoğlu chooses its business partner agencies, one of the factors that affects the quality of the services, by considering factors like having parallel strategies, being open to business development, geographic location, being able to serve the entire country in which it is located, and having a strong service network with neighbouring countries.